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Since September 2015 my life has been a roller coaster of change.  Not to bore you with the blow by blow details, but the bottom-line is that last fall my home and ministry moved from a quiet little mountain town southwest of Denver, Colorado to the beautiful green countryside near Nashville, Tennessee.

Not sure if any of you have ever picked up and moved across the United States.  It is not anything I would recommend if you are faint at heart.  Imagine handling every little piece, every box, every drawer, every shelf, every closet in your entire house.  After touching that item you have one of four decisions:

1). Is it important enough to put it in the 10 x 12 pod?

2). Should I “re-home” it at a very reduced price via the online garage sale?

3). Is it valuable enough to take it to the local goodwill?

4). Does it just need to be shared with the Waste Management folks?

Once here in Tennessee I began the process of finding all the new places that would be part of my daily routine like groceries and gas and such.  Then there was the Driver’s License and Car Registration ordeal.  It actually took three trips to the Car Registration office to get that done.  It has literally taken my husband and I an entire year to feel “settled” in to our new life here in Tennessee.

Change is always hard for me.  I’ve never liked change.  This is why God has to make it VERY CLEAR to me when it is time to move on.  Otherwise, I will hang around until the last dog dies and there is no air to breathe.

The one verse that got me through the entire ordeal was Colossians 1:17.  “And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.”  I just kept repeating to myself, “He is before all things that touch me.”  This gave me so much comfort to know that letting go of my Colorado life was something God already had gone before me in.  It was no surprise to Him.  He went to Tennessee and prepared a place for me before I even knew the plan.  He held me together through all the transition.

Looking back, I am amazed…as Paul would say, “sorely amazed” at what a good job God did in preparing my new ministry home in Tennessee.  It truly was “more than I could ask or imagine.” Ephesians 3:20 came to life and I’m living in it today.  He has truly done “more than I ever asked or could have dreamed of.”

It seems trite to say, but “God is good.”  God truly is good all the time.

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Wives World ~ The Trouble With Trauma

I’ve gotten some “flack” from Christian leaders about the work I do surrounding trauma, specifically in the past lives of women and some men I work with.  Why not let sleeping dogs lie?  Why not just renew our minds and get on with life?  Let the past stay in the past.  Do not call to mind the former things they say.

Of course, I agree on all points.  The trouble with trauma though it provides a continuous source of poison into the minds and hearts of its victims.  The Latin word for trauma is “wound.”  Wounds from the past cause our minds to be forever looking at the claw marks of the enemy instead of the Word of God.

Wounds keep us paralyzed and unable to believe the Truth.  Renewing our minds becomes so self-defeating that women give up and give in.  They drown in a sea of depression, anger, shame and inability to rise above to victory like “other women, other Christians.”

Our culture has heaped upon women an amazing amount of trauma.  It is the trauma…the sexual abuse, the broken homes, the lack of nurturing and care from families of origin that keeps women from understanding their position of elevation in the Kingdom.  Trauma is causing us trouble in the Body of Christ folks.  We need to face the facts and move forward to cleaning out the muck.  Christ came to bring Truth and to Set us Free.  Trauma brings lies and bondage.

It is time for the Body of Christ to move from Bondage to Truth.  The clock is ticking. When will we stop burying our heads in the sand and start facing the Truth.  The Truth of our situation and the Truth of the answers.