A'nesis Retreats and Counseling Sabbaticals

Come Away to a Quiet Place and Rest Awhile ~ Christian Retreats with Intensive Counseling


Working with many women through brief intensive therapy, Trudy began to understand the extent of brokenness among Christian women. Many of her clients lost their faith, their values and even their passion to serve Christ.  Trudy  finds so many Christian women have unresolved issues of woundedness and trauma from their past that keeps them trapped and unable to know deeply their true identity in Christ.

The uniqueness of this program is due to Trudy’s combination of Biblical knowledge, receptivity to the Holy Spirit, and her professional training in the area of women’s issues and trauma resolution.

Trudy holds a Masters’ Degree in Biblical Counseling from Trinity Seminary and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Denver Family Therapy Institute. She is also a Master’s Level Trauma Specialist, using tools tailored from a Christian perspective like EMDR and EFT and other unique and cutting-edge prayer techniques.

In addition, Trudy holds certificates in Chaplaincy and in Formational Prayer. Prior to her six years as a therapist at Crossroads Counseling of the Rockies, Trudy reached out to women 11+ years at Focus on the Family in the Pregnancy Resource Ministry. Trudy is also an adjunct professor for Master’s International School of Divinity in Evanville, Indiana and is a speaker for Ambassadors’ Speakers Bureau.  She is listed on Focus on the Family’s Referring List of counselors.

Trudy is the author of several counseling curriculums  for Christian counselors to use with women of trauma.  Additionally, she is the author of the first therapy plan to help professional therapists understand grief after abortion.  Choice Processing and Resolution is being used worldwide to help therapists understand the deep rooted issues of abortion trauma and grief.

Trudy is excited that God is providing a lodging facility within walking distance of the counseling center.  Lodging for women needing to come away to a quiet place and rest awhile has been a passion for Trudy during her entire career.  Through the generous efforts of an amazing benefactor, that lodging facility is now available.

Trudy’s journey to health from her own past of trauma and abuse and the way God has worked in her own personal life to step by step restore and provide, is a testimony in itself to the power of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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