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Wives World ~ The Shame of Depression

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I hear about women and men ashamed about their depression all the time. Even though their life might appear perfect to those around them, they are “faking it, until they make it.”
Unfortunately, the combination of keeping the secret of depression and being shamed about it only creates more of the same…depression and shame.

We should renew our minds daily and walk in joy! YES , I could not agree more. However, depression is often about YESTERDAY’s trauma. Even though we try as hard as we can, it is the wounding from the past that is the source of the depression, not the “perfect life” that today is delivering.

When depression hits the level where it is impossible to rise above it, this is an indication that there are deep heart level issues that are unresolved. You can take the meds and they will keep you balanced and probably even flat-lined emotionally. But until you get to the root…there can be no “building and planting.” Jeremiah said it best, “We must pull out by the roots before we can build and plant.” (Jeremiah 1:10 NASB).

Feeling shame about depression makes the roots go deeper, for longer as the depression grows stronger.

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Trudy Johnson is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Colorado and Tennessee. Her passion is to help women recover from past abuse and trauma with the goal of living productive, transformed lives. Trudy is a Master's Level Trauma Specialist with several trauma resolution trainings at her disposal. She has a Master's Degree in Biblical Counseling and adheres to a Biblical belief system and theologies.

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