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Wives World ~ You Never Know…

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As a licensed therapist of course I see the secret lives of so many people.  I hear their secrets buried deep from their past.  I cry with them over their secret losses.  In the midst of it all, I never ceased to be amazed at how “you just never know…” You never know the real scoop on people until you go down into the mudhole with them and really look at all the stuff they’ve stepped in.

Just yesterday, I shared on Facebook about an article I wrote that a secular counseling magazine picked up and published.  It was an exciting day for me because I’d tried to get an article of this type in any kind of publication for a good five years.  Finally, in God’s timing, the message went forth.  the gist of the article was about grief after abortion.

The response I received from the posting was amazing.  One of those responses happened to be from a friend from my past that I worked with for five years.  She shared with me about her two abortions.  One was a 21 week one, which would have been a partial-birth abortion.  This is some serious trauma in this person’s life.  I felt so honored that she would spill her guts to me. 

I did some quick introspection in realizing that here was a person I thought was always “so together.”  I must admit I probably even coveted her life at one point.  Little did I know the hurt, pain and trauma she was dealing with on the inside.  Time and time again, I see it proven to me…we never know other people’s secret struggles.

I am reminded of a counseling concept I learned many years ago:  “You never have enough information to judge another person.  You should judge no one because that causes major energy leaks in your own life.  You should let God deal with other’s lives and judge not.” 

Yes, Jesus was right.  Judge not.  We never truly really know…

Here is the link to the article if you would like to read it.  It is written for a secular publication, so keep that in mind.

Bringing Abortion Aftercare into the 21st Century

Author: Anesis Retreats and Counseling Sabbaticals

Trudy Johnson is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Colorado, Tennessee and Arizona (Associate). Her passion is to help women recover from past abuse and trauma with the goal of living productive, transformed lives. Trudy is a Certified Trauma Specialist with several trauma resolution trainings at her disposal. She has a Doctorate Degree in Biblical Counseling and adheres to a Biblical belief system and theologies. Many of her trauma trainings are cutting edge from Arizona Trauma Institute. In 2018 the Lord began showing Trudy an amazing process to identify Strongholds and Heart guards (blocks to giving and receiving love from others and from God) through her copyrighted method of trauma resolution called "Emet". The word emet is Hebrew for "Truth." In 2020 Trudy's trainings for this process will be offered to other professionals needing new Holy Spirit Trauma tools.

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