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Is the Christian Woman You Most Admire Depressed?

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Shes’s the one you admire most when you think of “being together.” Shes’s always happy, always has just the right thing to say when you’re down.  She has a scriptural reference and application to any situation you might be in. And when it comes to joy…you never see her without it. And it doesn’t get any better when you take a look at who stands beside her…it’s your pastor or other perfect  Christian man that she’s married to whatever the case may be.

Unfortunately, this may be what you see, but it might not be the truth.  Of the Christian women I work with the statistics I gather suggest that 89 percent of these women are suffering from an extensive level of depression.  To me this sad situation alarms me.  Perfection as a goal for life doesn’t work.

Author: Anesis Retreats and Counseling Sabbaticals

Trudy Johnson is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Colorado, Tennessee and Arizona (Associate). Her passion is to help women recover from past abuse and trauma with the goal of living productive, transformed lives. Trudy is a Certified Trauma Specialist with several trauma resolution trainings at her disposal. She has a Doctorate Degree in Biblical Counseling and adheres to a Biblical belief system and theologies. Many of her trauma trainings are cutting edge from Arizona Trauma Institute. In 2018 the Lord began showing Trudy an amazing process to identify Strongholds and Heart guards (blocks to giving and receiving love from others and from God) through her copyrighted method of trauma resolution called "Emet". The word emet is Hebrew for "Truth." In 2020 Trudy's trainings for this process will be offered to other professionals needing new Holy Spirit Trauma tools.

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